CAINACADIE trailer in Car Art Cinema VAZ St. Pölten

PHOTO ART at the Auto Kunst Kino !

Photography will also be on display at the St. Pölten Auto Kunst Kino. As a foretaste of the FOTO PARK 2020 St. Pölten at the VAZ on September 18 & 19, the photo art works of a different photographer will be presented on the large LED wall every week at the “hall entrance” before the films.

Many thanks to the organizers NXP and Hollywood Megaplex for this opportunity to showcase photography

The first fixed photographers and their programs are

Thomas Windisch – Photographer – “Urban Exploration” – Thomas Windisch Photography

Moritz Scheer – Photographer – “Chernobyl” and “Roofing” Moritz Scheer

Jeremy Plaidl – Photographer – “Forgotten Vienna” – Forgotten Times – Forgotten Vienna

Caina Cadie – Image Editor/Photo Artist – “Live Fantasy World” –

Viktor Nezhyba – Artist – No Faces/Emotions/Bad Pics – S.J. Viktor Photography

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