Anniversary exhibition “180 years of photography” (Schallaburg)

The Lower Austrian Guild of Professional Photographers proudly celebrates the 180th birthday of photography with an anniversary exhibition at Schallaburg Castle.

This invention has changed the world forever. Since then, documentation and communication have been unthinkable without images. The last 180 years have brought many innovative steps.
As part of the exhibition “The Work of Hands”, the Lower Austrian professional photographers present these “180 years of photography” and show the broad spectrum of photography with a comprehensive mix of current work and techniques as well as historical equipment and processes.

The official opening of the exhibition took place at Schallaburg Castle on August 29, 2019 and was a very special event for the industry. Over a hundred guests – including numerous prominent figures from politics and business – enjoyed the great atmosphere of the castle and were able to gain an impression of the performance and expertise of the jubilarians, the Lower Austrian professional photographers, in midsummer temperatures.

The showcase of over 150 exhibited images from a wide range of categories such as press photography, portrait photography, family, wedding and nude photography, advertising, product and architectural photography and business portraits demonstrated the diversity and creativity of the industry. The impressive holographs and 3D images are also a source of amazement.

jubilaeumsausstellung 180 jahre fotografie schallaburg

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