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with the products of Caina Cadie

Would you like to earn money online? Then the Caina Cadie Affiliate Program is the right place for you.

100% free !

Participation and registration in the affiliate program are free of charge for you at all times.

You don’t need to be an internet marketing professional to earn money with affiliate marketing.

the advantages of the program:

  • High commissions: You can earn commissions of 5-80% depending on the product.
  • High sales: Hardworking affiliates make high sales.
  • Whether as a part-time or full-time income: You can work as an affiliate marketing partner, whether as a part-time or full-time income.

Earning commissions with Caina Cadie’s events and products is easier than you think. All you need are contacts who are interested in creating their own fantasy worlds or are interested in topics such as photography, image editing and art. Find out the most important basics and conditions of the partnership here. Become an affiliate marketing partner and earn money online.

Register New Affiliate Account:

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Large selection of media

Use first-class image material to market the products and generate commissions quickly.

Digital material is free of charge. For physical material, only the production costs and shipping will be charged. See current price list.


Your start as an affiliate

The affiliate program provides you with advertising material of all kinds for your online marketing. All you need to do is publish a personal link to the product of your choice on your website/blog/Facebook/ … . The commission will then be credited to you automatically when the customer makes a purchase.

Conditions of participation

By participating in the partner program, you confirm that you have read the following conditions and that you will abide by the rules:

Partner recruits partner

Recommend our programs to other affiliates!

You probably know others (friends, business partners, artists, bloggers, YouTubers …) who are also happy to receive high commissions for promoting products that really help other people to be more successful and creative. What could be better than doing something good for them and referring them to the Caina Cadie Partner Program?

And the best thing about it: You receive 10% (second-level commission) on all commissions from your recommended affiliate partners!



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