• Live Talk
  • One on One Session
  • 100% Personal

Format: Online

Language: only in English or German

Duration:  60 minutes

Date: after selection in the calendar


Online coaching is perfect for you if you want quick and uncomplicated answers to a few specific questions. Some questions take longer. And it has to be done quickly or you don’t have the time to travel to a workshop or private lesson. So why not use the Internet to help you? For such cases, I offer “ASK CAINA” online coaching, which we conduct via Zoom. Conveniently from home or on the road and at a time of your choice. In one hour, I will focus on you and your needs and help you to solve problems. Be it in the area of image editing, photography or social media content.

Possible topics

  • Photoshop
  • Portfolio-Review
  • Image review / photography coaching
  • Social Media

Technical information:

The online coaching webinars are held as ZOOM calls. The link to the webinar will be sent to you by e-mail.

What you need:

You do not need any prior knowledge for this webinar. To participate you need:

  1. Computer or tablet with fast and stable internet access
  2. Microphone/headset
  3. Webcam (optional)

Your advantage

  • you are the only participant
  • I can respond 100% to your questions, problems and needs
  • you will make much faster progress and save a lot of time



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