The Lumagica workshops contribute to the mission of Mary’s Meals in several ways

By donating a portion of the proceeds from the workshops to Mary’s Meals, the Lumagica workshops help provide meals to children in need.

This supports Mary’s Meals‘ mission to end world hunger by providing a good meal every day to hungry children at school.
The Lumagica workshops help raise awareness of Mary’s Meals and its mission. By participating in the workshops, individuals can learn more about the work of Mary’s Meals and how they can support this important cause. This can help spread the word and encourage others to get involved.

The Lumagica workshops offer individuals a creative and fun way to support Mary’s Meals. By learning a new skill and creating something beautiful, individuals can feel a sense of achievement while making a difference in the lives of children in need. This can help attract people to the mission of Mary’s Meals and encourage them to continue supporting this cause in the future.

Overall, the Lumagica workshops are a great way to contribute to Mary’s Meals‘ mission by providing meals to children in need, raising awareness for the organization, and engaging individuals in a fun and creative way.

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The Lumagica workshops contribute to the mission of Mary's Meals in several ways



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